Windows 10 Client or Compatibility fixes?

Hey, it's that time of year where I check in on Illutia, it's been a long time. However, since my last visit I appear to have major FPS issues running Illutia on windows 10. I did the whole virtual machine running windows xp, but ran into some compatability issues with my chipset / drivers not being backwards compatible which lead to all sorts of problems using internet within the virtual machine and internet browsing was all blocked also which in turn created a whole other host of issues.

My question is simply: Is there a windows 10 client on the horizon? Or is there some fix available which doesn't require setting up a dedicated virtual machine? Any help would be greatly appreciated as the amount of hoops I have been having to jump through just to get more than 6 fps is more than I am willing to, sadly.

off-topic notes
Super glad illutia is still around and that there are still the few odd familiar faces from Aspereta days floating around.

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