Broken spells

As I have been on recently, it was brought up to me that some spells have the incorrect descriptions or don't have all of the effects that they should. I was able to get a few of them fixed, but please let me know of any I may have missed.



  • I wouldnt classify this as broken, but I didn't want to creat a new thread either for this. But since Mystic SD is getting so high and attacks are becoming more Mana AND SD based, can Swordy get an aggro increase for taunts?? I use 4 taunts when boss hunting and still not enough to hold aggro from a high SD mystic. I'm using Scroll of Screams, Shine Armor, Righteousness and Ridicule, with the occasional Binding of the Yue/Moon Taunt.

  • Which NPCs are you having trouble keeping taunt on?

  • Basically anything Spirit Realm and up. Spirit Realm mobs, Infernal Realm and Pit, Earth Realm, Aqueous Domain, Castle Relex, AP and AC.

  • Ok. I will take a look at the NPC's stats when I have time and see what I can do.

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