King of Games DYNOMAN The King of Kings.

Hello Past, Present, and Future Illutia Players,
I want you all to know something very important. A short story about the Greatest Player to ever Log on this game.
He has Killed GM's, Out Smarted Admins, Fought the Great Battle of October 3, 2008 When 50 Illutia players set foot
in the Arena to attempt to strike down the Might that is DYNOMAN. By the Way, DYNOMAN won the Battle. Alot of
Players Envied DYNOMAN, They wanted his Women (XmarreX/PureHeart), They wanted his Talent (Arena Skillz), They
wanted his popularity, and they wanted his POWER. Hundreds of Players tried to reach my Greatness to only Burn
themselves by the intensity of true Greatness. I will make this Short. I am and Will always be The King of Illutia, Never
bowing down to anyone. The Legend that is DYNOMAN is still being told by the few who still plays this game. He is
thought of as a Monster who has unstoppable power, But that is an understatement of the truth.


  • 10/10 read again.
  • I love you Beth, Nobody cared about Dynoman though.
  • Lol, Deceit. Your just an insignificant speck compared to the Greatness that is Dynoman.
    Caring about me or not is irrelevant. My Greatness speaks for itself. That is all.
    King Of Games DYNOMAN The King Of Kings.
  • Beth is amazing! :) Beth is 10/10
  • Yeah Beth is cool.
  • The greatest player ever was definitely Rex from Aspereta.
  • I remember you DYNOMAN. I was knavehero. Shit, can't believe this game is still up
  • Nebo, The Greatest Player in Illutia is DYNOMAN, I did not play Aspereta or it would be
    DYNOMAN again. Yeah, I remember you to Knavehero. Game is up, but its dead.
  • Lol thanks guys. I care about Dynoman, that's some sweet roleplaying right there. Makes me second guess my own creativity. I mean my character name is my real name for Pete's sake. Geez Louise, man.
  • King Of Games DYNOMAN The King Of Kings is my real name.......(Eternal)
  • Of course, my mistake.
  • Logged in to say Beth is great.
  • King Of Games DYNOMAN The King Of Kings is Great. He is the Savior. ALL HAIL DYNOMAN.
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