Illutia on the Go

Well, the forums were down so long, and I can't remember any of my old information. But, that's irrelevant. The reason I've made this topic, and I don't know if anyone has made this suggestion (I looked and didn't see one), I think it'd be a great idea to consider making a mobile client for handhelds such as cell phones, and tablets. I see all these new 2D and 3D games coming out for mobile and all I can think of is "Man, wouldn't it be great to play my all time favorite 2D MMO on my tablet", I've debated with my brother and my uncle who agree that not only would it be amazing on mobile, but it could definitely bring back a lot of the old fan base along with an entire new one. We've all three played since Aspereta, off and on, it kills me to see the player base so dwindling, we had such an incredible community, I know there has to be something we can do to bring back the player base, another thing is I never see illutia on MMOhut, or Onrpg, or any of the sites advertising great rpgs, and if RS deserves a spot, damnit Illutia does too. I don't know if the new games been scrapped or there's any ideas in mind on bringing my all-time favorite mmorpg back to fruition, but these are just some suggestions I've been thinking about, I still check in on the site weekly just too see if anything has happened, let me know what you guys think, Illutia Mobile would be incredible imo.


  • Instead of making a new discussion, I figured I'd throw another suggestion out there. The punchy shirts are great, I know you guys expressed the resources it took to make said shirts so this is just for fun, as a personal favorite of mine, the slime bosses/enemies in Aspereta/Illutia would make an awesome shirt! As long as it's not Finn, or whatever the big red one was called. Blue slime were my favorite, King Goo, Sliminator, but if anyone deserves it I'd imagine Alpha Slime would get it. In the middle of this suggestion I bounced over to the Facebook page only to find out this was all for nothing and the game has discontinued, a notice on the main page will be my final suggestion, Im terribly disappointed but I understand at the same time, can only go with 4 players online for so long. I hope you bring another project to light one day, Shivers. Best of luck to you.

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