I haven't been able to log in for several months . Is it me or is something wrong with the site ?

I can;t log onto illutia


  • I have been unable to log into the server as well, unfortunately I have not received any info as to how to fix this if it is a problem. If the server is down no one has told me that either.

  • Servers are down indefinitely, according to the Illutia Facebook page. Hope this helps.

  • Anyone know when Illutia will be back? I miss Aspereta as well as Illutia miss playing it also didn't mind buying credits for the gear in the shop to help support just wish double exp lasted a little longer. How is everyone doing?

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    Illutia was shady and buggy... I think shivers stole the game from the original development team and tried to make as much money off it as possible but failed.

    You can play better games that are similar:

    • Secrets of Grindea (Highly Recommended!) Frequent updates, great graphics, awesome community, gameplay is amazing

    • The Mana World or ManaPlus (Recommended) this game has an awesome community, great gameplay, constant updates and events, lots of quests and content, and it's cross-platform to work on every operating system)

    • Fantasy Tales Online (Playable...) but dead development team & lack of new content

    • Everember Online (Not Recommended) this game was pretty good several years ago.. until the development team went on hiatus and so did the players waiting for content.. everyone came back and lost their characters, they've abandoned the classic game and have plans on creating a brand new one called "Everember Reborn" which I believe will be a complete failure.

    • Kingdom of Loot (Highly NOT Recommended) I have a personal hatred for the founder of that game.. "Athos Presbyter", he is an idiot and he takes great pride in constantly wiping the server and having everyone start over.. read more about his previous failed game Seyken for more details

  • This game was created a while ago. Shivers was originally an admin back in the days it was called Aspereta. I believe a non-disclosure agreement was signed between the original people and shivers when the original people scrapped the project. Shivers would be able to take control of the project but under another name.

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